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Remembering One Hell of a Night – 5.1.11

I remember checking my Twitter feed on the night of May 1, 2011, and catching news that made my heart leap: the White House had called a press conference at 10:30 PM to announce that Osama Bin Laden was dead.

Twitter lit up. There were the normal speculations, but it also appeared that someone on Twitter had a front row seat. It turns out that a software consultant living in Abbottabad, Pakistan named Sohaib Athar had heard helicopters. Over the course of the evening, he ended up live tweeting the SEAL Team Six strike that took out Bin Laden.First Tweets of Bin Laden Raid

Eventually, the President came on TV an hour late, and gave us the official word.

I ended up following the story, and joining in, on Twitter, until the wee hours of the morning. After almost ten years of anguish, after living through the torment of 9/11, it was one hell of a night.


A week or so later, the Stonebridge Group made this print available for sale, with proceeds benefiting the Navy SEAL Foundation. My copy hangs proudly on the wall of the Man Cave.

Justice For All


School Carry Quietly Enacted in Georgia

Of late, the whole world, it seems, has been all aflurry about the “Guns Everywhere” bill in Georgia, HB60, recently signed by Governor Nathan Deal. This bill allows lawful Georgia Weapons Carry License holders to carry guns in bars, churches (with the permission of the church leadership), and in the unsecured parts of government buildings. The anti-gun factions have been most vocal, claiming as usual that this will lead to Blood In The Streets and a Return To The Wild West.

Of course, Georgia is not the first state to allow carry in these locations, and none of the other states have had any increase in gun usage in these locations. In fact, a study by the Richmond Times Dispatch showed a 5.2 percent decrease in crime involving firearms in bars in the state of Virginia in the first year following enactment of that state’s bar carry law. I would encourage a news outlet in Georgia to investigate HB60′s effects and report on it in July 2015. But, in the meantime, I will continue to breathe normally.

One of the places that “Everywhere” does not include in HB60, however, are schools. School carry was eliminated from the bill early on, because it created so much controversy.

So it comes as a surprise (to me at least) that there was another bill, HB826 (coincidentally sponsored by my State Senator, Lindsey Tippins), signed by Governor Deal yesterday. This bill changes how guns are treated in school zones, and it lists the people who are exempt from being considered in violation of the law. Exemption 6 says:

A person who is licensed in accordance with Code Section 16-11-129 or issued a permit pursuant to Code Section 43-38-10, when he or she is within a school safety zone or on a bus or other transportation furnished by a school or a person who is licensed in accordance with Code Section 16-11-129 or issued a permit pursuant to Code Section 43-38-10 when he or she has any firearm legally kept within a vehicle when such vehicle is parked within a school safety zone or is in transit through a designated school safety zone;

This changes the old law which only exempted GWCL holders who were in a school parking lot picking someone up. Note that GWCL holders are now exempted everywhere “within a school safety zone.” And, just to make it clear, another part of the law says

‘School safety zone’ means in or on any real property or building owned by or leased to any school or postsecondary institution.

So, this law, which goes into effect July 1, legalizes campus carry in Georgia.

Like most people, I was surprised and caught unaware that this was in the offing. But I am glad to see it.

However, I am cautious of how this will be received. I think my feelings are best echoed by Jerry Henry, the Executive Director of, who said in an email to members

What this means for you is that, according to GeorgiaCarry.Org, beginning on July 1 it will be legal to carry a weapon on school grounds.  There is, however, some debate about the new law, with some in law enforcement and schools claiming that the new law must mean something else.  As a result, GeorgiaCarry.Org asks its members to exercise common sense when carrying on school grounds so as to avoid bad publicity with respect to the hypersensitivity likely to be displayed towards a weapon in the school environment.  This will have the added benefit of giving the legislature no good or valid reason to re-criminalize weapons in school when the General Assembly meets again.

Lacking any stupid person flaunting a gun needlessly at some school event, we should be on our way to better protecting our children.

Thank you, Governor Deal, Lindsey Tippins, and the Georgia Legislature!

USPSA Area 6 Championship

Saturday April 12 I had the pleasure of watching some great shooters at the USPSA Area 6 Championship, shot this year at the South River Gun Club in Conyers, GA.

One thing that was hit home with me is that I like attending matches as a competitor much better than I do as a spectator. I think I even like to watch other shooters more when I am in the match. I think that has a lot to do with being able to identify with doing what they are doing, even if they are doing it a lot better.

In any case, I resolved to compete next year.

Having said that, one of the shooters I got to see was Lee Bautista, who writes for When The Balloon Goes Up, and with whom I have corresponded on Twitter for some time now. It was great to visit with him, even for a short while, and really hope we get to visit more in the future.

I got to video Lee on Stage 8. Here he is.


Here is video of the overall match winner, Max Michel, on the same stage. Nice.

Five Guns I Will Gladly Own

In light of my post the other day about Five Guns I’ll Probably Never Own, and seeing that others like Kevin have posted their wish lists, I thought I would update my Wish List that I published a couple of years ago, and amended. . . .

1. AR-15 

I’ve completed this one, in the form of Ol’ Painless. Check.

First Shot 2

1 (substituted). Kriss Vector

I got to shoot one of these at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot. It’s a full auto, suppressed, .45ACP machine gun that uses Glock magazines. Because of how the internals work, the action itself helps reduce recoil, so that it is really one sweet shooting machine.

I would even settle for the semi-auto version.

Here’s a video I shot of John at No Lawyers Only Guns And Money shooting one. Enjoy.

2. M-1 Garand

I live about 2 hours from the Anniston CMP Armory, so I could drive over and select my own M-1 from their inventory. I also had the fortune of meeting the Georgia CMP Director, who offered his help in getting a good selection.

3. AK-47

Image courtesy of WarriorTalk News

I think I would prefer a modern Saiga, although a nice wood-furnitured Kalashnikov would be great, too.

4. Glock 35

Courtesy of

This is one reason there is an asterisk in my list of guns I would not own. I wouldn’t buy a .40SW for defense, but if I decide to build an Open gun for USPSA, this is where I will start.


Yes, a SCAR-Heavy would be nice, but this will run me a lot less.

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