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Living in the Past

Grip Safety

No offense to Sheriff Jim Wilson, but I have to ask: what if the Ford Mustang still had a crank in the front? Wouldn’t that be a great feature? After all, it would sure help to start the car, if the battery died.

Yes, that’s still the argument we hear from 1911 enthusiasts about the grip safety. In the latest entry, Sheriff Jim admits this feature was added so that we could use the gun at full gallop on a horse.

Someday, someone will design a good .45 without a grip safety. Maybe it even holds more than 7 rounds.



A Reward for Laziness

Non corrosive

This post originally had another title: “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” Alas, I realized I was trying to blame this all on someone else. While that is my forte, let me instead take full responsibility, and tell today’s tale.

For some time now I have been thinking about turning Sergei, my SKS, into a truck gun, so I decided this past weekend to get it out and re-install the folding stock, after going back to the original stock over a year ago.

As it turns out, about the time that I put the old stock back on, I took Sergei out to shoot, and, in a lazy mood, put him back in the safe after shooting, without cleaning. After all, it should be fine, because I only shot about a hundred rounds, and the ammo I shoot claimed to be non-corrosive.

That’s where the original title came from  . . . liar, liar, Russian pants on fire.

When I took it apart on Sunday, I could tell right away that things weren’t right. There was rust and fowling on the bolt (not normal) and the gas tube, which normally pops right off, took some real wrenching to get loose.

So, I took it all apart, and did probably the best cleaning on it since a couple of unnamed high schoolers cleaned all the cosmoline, when I bought it back in 1993 from a gun store in Alabama. I even put a bore brush on my power drill and did some reaming of the chamber

Remembering Innocence


Thinking about September 10, 2001.

Maybe I should have titled this Remembering Ignorance. I just didn’t know how the world really was.

Coming This Weekend – the Convention

Kenn Blanchard

When I went to my first big blogger shindig, the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot in 2011, the first event I went to was a dinner for all the participants. I mingled a little, not really knowing anyone there personally, and then we all took seats.

As it turns out, I sat directly across from Great Satan, but fortunately, I also sat next to Reverend Kenn Blanchard. We chatted throughout the evening, and kept up the next day, and I found him to be a warm and funny man.

Kenn is sometimes better know as the Black Man With a Gun, from the blog and podcast and Facebook page of the same name, and he will be this year’s Keynote Speaker at the annual convention, held this weekend at the Renaissance Waver Hotel in Atlanta. is THE voice for gun owners and the Second Amendment in Georgia. Since 2007 they have been responsible for removing so many of the antiquated gun laws in this state, including prohibitions against carrying in a public gathering, restaurant carry, and even carry in public and government buildings. And despite all this, blood does not run in the streets.

I will be there Saturday, all day, and I look forward to seeing as many of you there as I can. Please message me and we will get together.

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