Movie Rule of Thumb 1

From Night of the Living Dead

I love movies. I’m one of those guys who will quote a movie line to you whenever the situation is appropriate. If you know the movie, and continue the dialog, we can be friends.

Those who follow me on Twitter probably cringe when you see that Tombstone is on.

Some time, long ago, I started accumulating some rules for life, that were based on things that happened in movies. I few years ago, I wrote them down, and I’ve added and edited them a couple of times.

These are my Movie Rules of Thumb.

Over the next few months I will share with you my rules, where they came from, how they apply to movies, how they apply to Real Life, and how they’ve been important to me.

It all began with

Rule 1: Always Shoot Zombies Through the Head.

(Sometimes including the follow-up phrase, “Don’t waste ammo on body shots.”)

Source: Night of the Living Dead and every zombie movie since then.

Lesson: Don’t waste your time doing things you know aren’t going to matter. Consequently, if you try something you think is going to work, and it doesn’t work, believe the evidence. Try something else.

Rule 1 obviously applies to just about every zombie movie. It also applies to a lot of other movies. If you don’t have a silver bullet, don’t even shoot at a werewolf. The same thing goes for vampires, if you don’t have a wooden stake, although I have to admit, I have paid zero attention to Twighlight and other recent vampire movies and TV shows, so I can’t say whether this still applies.

Interestingly, I did a Youtube search and came across this test of zombie killing effectiveness. Apparently, it’s a good thing my shotgun is back in action. Enjoy.

Rule 1 has lots of applications in Real Life as well. Because of Rule 1, I don’t use sarcasm with the TSA agent at the airport. I always go ahead and give my dog his treat when I let him in. I don’t argue about visiting my mother-in-law. I tip the bellman at the hotel.

Self-defense lesson: Never shoot someone to wound, or fire a warning shot, or shoot to get their attention. If you pull your gun, be prepared to shoot until the threat stops. That means shooting center of mass, with follow up shots to other areas as appropriate.

And yes, that might be a head shot.

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  1. With the corollary to that rule being, "Double-tap." Ammunition may be hard to come by during the zombopocalypse, but I want to make damned sure that what goes down, stays down.


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