I Get No Respect

It’s a heck of a way to find out who reads your blog.

We got in the car to make a quick run to Dairy Queen last night, and my 14 year old son started digging on me.

“An M1 Carbine? Really, Dad?”


“You want an ancient gun that uses imaginary ammo? Come on! They had to make up ammo for that thing, and it still sucks. The only target the M1 Carbine is good for is Nazi zombies.” He was laughing at me.

I tried to make my case. “Hey, the M1 Carbine filled an important hole in the US inventory. It was easy to shoot and . . .”

“For cooks, Dad. They issued it to cooks.” He was still laughing.

“Come on, it’s just a wish list.”

“Then wish for a real gun. Something in .308. A FAL or a G3 or a SCAR Heavy.”

Okay, his main weapons experience is in Call of Duty and Fallout, but thanks to some obliging people at the local gun store, he has handled all 3 of these, even if he’s never shot them.

The FN FAL was and is the main battle rifle of the western world. The WikiPedia page for the FAL has more flags on it than Pinehurst. And the 7.62mm NATO round has proven itself as the round of choice by fighters all over the world.

The boy has a point.

So, as the NFL says, after further review, please amend my list . . .


I could buy 4 of these what a SCAR Heavy would run. Easy choice.

And when the zombies come, if they’re riding grizzly bears, I’m good.

Wait. Imaginary ammo?

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