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Reflections on Three Years

I posted this over at Plumb Mad Dog Mean, but I wanted everyone to know –

Three years ago, I received a bone marrow transplant, to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and so far, it has worked.

Two weeks ago I had some testing done, and we finally met with the staff at Northside Hospital yesterday, and I am happy to report, I am still in remission! In fact, the doctor has now effectively released me over to the care of my personal physician, with the understanding that I visit him at least twice a year, for a full CBC and check up.

We then went over what I can expect going forward. Not much to be concerned about, except for an increased chance of other cancers, thanks to the chemo. Now, I will tell you, I have not researched this, nor do I plan to. What happens, happens. Plus, that’s what the extra testing is for, to look for early indicators that things are amiss.

I am planning a post shortly on my experiences in the past 3 years, over on the Plumb Mad Dog Mean site. I encourage you to go sign up there, or follow me on Twitter, as I think you will find it interesting to say the least.


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One thought on “Reflections on Three Years

  1. Great news!


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