Movie Rule of Thumb 23

Last night the wife and I were watching Ghost Busters, and toward the end, when Winston shouts at Ray, “when someone asks you if you are a god, ay YES!” I took a moment to tell her about my Move Rules of Thumb.

So she asked, “You mean, like always take you gun to the bathroom?”

And we both laughed, and I realized while that was a good rule, I had not listed it.

So, in tribute to Vincent Vega, by my wife, I add:

23. Always take your gun to the bathroom.

NRA Quandary

I have been a Life Member of the National Rifle Association for over 20 years. I have supported them by recruiting, and I have sponsored 11 Life Members over the years.

But given the growing pile of horse manure in Fairfax, I am taking down my Life Membership badge, and my recruiting link, which since 2019 has gone to this post, any way.

While I am not resigning, I am not going to contribute until the NRA cleans itself up.

More to follow.

Put Up, or . . .

To be honest, Good Reader, you don’t need to read this. It’s for me. But, to be accountable . . . .

I used to post a decent amount on this site, and I enjoyed the interaction and the commitment. But in the past few years, I have let it slide, and I keep telling myself I need to post more.

So, in order to hold my self accountable, I am going to post at least once a week here, and at least once a week on Skin That Smoke Wagon, my barbecue blog. You have my word.

GSSF Glock Annual Shoot 2020

On September 19, 2020, I visited the Talladega CMP range to participate in the GSSF Glock Annual Shoot XXVII. I will be honest, since I didn’t get a chance to practice much, I didn’t shoot as well as I could, and I ended up placing 97 out of 170.

But I must say, as usual I really enjoyed my time there. And I even got to see the Gunny Challenge, won by Brian Giovaninni of Savannah.