Blog Roll

Updated 7/1/2019

These are blogs I read regularly and find to be interesting from a shooting perspective. It’s not an exhaustive list of gun blogs – you can find that at the Gun Blog Black List.

Bloggers – if you aren’t listed here and I should be reading your stuff, please drop me a note at FillYerHands at gmail dot com.


* means the haven’t posted in 2 years or more.

♥ means they have passed away.  (Fk cancer with a rusty chain saw.)

Bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting:

Black Man With A Gun
DaddyBear’s Den 
Graphical Representation
Great Satan, Inc.   *
Guns, Cars, and Tech 
In Jennifer’s Head 
Mas Ayoob
My Gun Culture 
My Tumultuous Adventure
Musings Over a Barrel
An NC Gun Blog 
No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money 
Nobody Asked Me… 
Rebel Yell   *
Reload N Retry  *
Robert S’s Second Amendment and Liberty blog  *
Shall Not Be Questioned
Team Gun Blogger 
The Firearm Blog 
The Smallest Minority 
Tom Givens’ Rangemaster Newsletter
United Conservatives of Virginia 
View From The Porch
Weer’d World

Bloggers I haven’t gotten to meet yet:

A Geek With Guns
AK’s & Cupcakes
Another Day…..Another…..   * 
Armed Lutheran
Bearing Arms
By Other Means
Days of our Trailers
Drawn Cutlass
Everyday, No Days Off
Four Guys Guns
A Geek with Guns

Good Hill Press
Guffaw in AZ  ♥
Gun Free Zone
Gun Nuts Media
Guns For Everyone
Gunsmith Talk
Home on the Range
Jerking the Trigger
Julie Golob – SHOOT
Musings Over a Barrel
Outdoor Reviews   
Ontario Geardo  ♥
Quietly Armed
Kevin’s blog at Ammoman
Random Acts of Patriotism
Random Nuclear Strikes
Sharp as a Marble
Sheriff Jim Wilson
Straight Forward in a Crooked World
The Breda Fallacy
The Michael Bane Blog
The View From North Central Idaho
The Weapon Blog
Walt in PA
We Like Shooting

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