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These are blogs I read regularly and find to be interesting from a shooting perspective. It’s not an exhaustive list of gun blogs – you can find that at the Gun Blog Black List.

Bloggers – if you aren’t listed here and I should be reading your stuff, please drop me a note at FillYerHands at gmail dot com.

Bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting:
(Note, some of these look like the writers are like me, and don’t blog much anymore. But still . . .)

Black Man With A Gun
Bob Owens – Unfortunately Bob took his own life in 2017. You can look it up, I’m not going to link to it.
Borepatch – 
Burgers and Boomsticks
DaddyBear’s Den 
Days of our Trailers 
Great Satan, Inc. 
Guns, Cars, and Tech 
In Jennifer’s Head 
Mas Ayoob
Michael’s Custom Holsters 
Michigan Firearms Examiner 
MJ Mollenhour 
My Gun Culture 
My Tumultuous Adventure
An NC Gun Blog 
No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money 
Nobody Asked Me… 
Rebel Yell 
Reload N Retry 
Robert S’s Second Amendment and Liberty blog 
Shall Not Be Questioned
Team Gun Blogger 
The Firearm Blog 
The Smallest Minority 
United Conservatives of Virginia 
View From The Porch
VolkStudio Blog
walls of the city

 Bloggers I haven’t met yet:



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