My Twitter Philosphy

Tom’s opinion – yours may vary and you are welcome to it.

Twitter is a wonderful platform to share information and insights. It’s not a social network of friends and buddies. That’s Facebook.

I follow people on Twitter because I want to read what they tweet. That’s it.

I don’t follow people because I agree with them, or I like them, or want to be a part of their group, or want them to like me. Or (the worst reason of all) because they follow me.

I follow a lot of people I don’t agree with, I don’t like, and whose group I would never be a part of. Examples – I follow Al Jazeera, the CSGV, and the communist party of Cuba. Why? Not because I agree with them and want them to like me. Because I want to read what they tweet.

When I first got on Twitter, I put in my bio that I am a patriot. I consider myself a patriot because I love my country and I would fight for it, and for my way of life. But, as I soon found out, “patriot” on Twitter means something else. I was soon followed by conspiracy theorists, Truthers, Birthers, and all kinds of nut jobs who wanted to impeach Obama because he said something in a speech one time. That’s not for me, so I don’t follow that bunch.

So, if you want to follow me, please do. If I read your timeline and I see stuff I want to read, I will follow you. But I won’t follow you just because you follow me. Don’t be offended. And if you don’t follow me, I won’t be offended either. I don’t use any of those services that tell you who is following and who un-followed.

After all, it’s just Twitter.

What do you think?

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