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So Long Good Friend

I have never been a fan of owning Safe Queens. If I own a gun, it gets shot.

Having said that, I came to realize recently that I just wasn’t doing justice to Bucky, my Buck Mark pistol. Yes, it was nice to shoot, but since I never started shooting steel challenge or anything like that, it wasn’t getting out.

So, I floated the idea of selling it, and put it on Outdoors Trader. And today, I sold it. Naturally, I followed all my own rules, and I now have a bill of sale in the fire safe, and cash now waiting for another use. I also updated my inventory.

So long, Bucky. Be good for your new handler.


Coming This Week – NRA Annual Meeting


Well, it’s that time of year – the NRA Annual Meeting. And this year, it’s just down the road from me, at the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta, Friday April 28 to Sunday April 30.

I plan to be there all three days, so I encourage my readers to comment with their plans, and hopefully we can get together.

I will be posting more this week on my plans – in the meantime, who is joining me?

Cyber Monday Deals


Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals from a trusted friend!

  • $50 cash out the door for an Anderson lower. (I can’t promise it has the Gadsden flag on it.) Must be a Georgia resident, or have an FFL that can accept it for you.
  • $50 for complete lower parts kit.

Message me for details.

Please Take the .22 Pledge

On Monday before the election, I was doing what a lot of gun owners were doing, buying ammo. I don’t have to tell you why. 

I was chatting with another fellow about the Olde Days, before Sandy Hook, when .22LR ammo was $5 a brick. I was making an observation that, should Donald Trump be elected, maybe we could relax and stop hoarding.

He smiled at me and agreed. Then he admitted he had 6,000 rounds at home.

And he had a brick in his hand. 

I smiled and put my ammo in the cart, and we headed out.

And I thought to myself, you wonder why there’s a shortage.


Please stop hoarding .22LR!

I have a brick and a half, but it’s what I shoot (when I can). 

So I am asking, now that (it seems) the threat of the repeal of rhe Second Amendment is gone, that we all pledge, especially for .22, to only buy as much ammo as we shoot.

Let’s say you shoot a brick of .22 in a month. If you have twelve bricks at home, don’t buy any more .22 for six months. Then you’ll still have six months in reserve.

Then, buy a brick a month. No more. Buy what you use, no more.

You know what will happen? In those six months that you don’t buy, the price will go down, provided everybody else does the same.

Do the same for the other calibers you shoot. Keep a reasonable amount – for me that’s three months, but you decide for you.

So, Dear Reader, if you agree to take this pledge with me, please say so in the comments. Then come April, we’ll see where the .22 price is.


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