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USPSA Area 6 Championship

Saturday April 12 I had the pleasure of watching some great shooters at the USPSA Area 6 Championship, shot this year at the South River Gun Club in Conyers, GA.

One thing that was hit home with me is that I like attending matches as a competitor much better than I do as a spectator. I think I even like to watch other shooters more when I am in the match. I think that has a lot to do with being able to identify with doing what they are doing, even if they are doing it a lot better.

In any case, I resolved to compete next year.

Having said that, one of the shooters I got to see was Lee Bautista, who writes for When The Balloon Goes Up, and with whom I have corresponded on Twitter for some time now. It was great to visit with him, even for a short while, and really hope we get to visit more in the future.

I got to video Lee on Stage 8. Here he is.


Here is video of the overall match winner, Max Michel, on the same stage. Nice.

Five Guns I Will Gladly Own

In light of my post the other day about Five Guns I’ll Probably Never Own, and seeing that others like Kevin have posted their wish lists, I thought I would update my Wish List that I published a couple of years ago, and amended. . . .

1. AR-15 

I’ve completed this one, in the form of Ol’ Painless. Check.

First Shot 2

1 (substituted). Kriss Vector

I got to shoot one of these at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot. It’s a full auto, suppressed, .45ACP machine gun that uses Glock magazines. Because of how the internals work, the action itself helps reduce recoil, so that it is really one sweet shooting machine.

I would even settle for the semi-auto version.

Here’s a video I shot of John at No Lawyers Only Guns And Money shooting one. Enjoy.

2. M-1 Garand

I live about 2 hours from the Anniston CMP Armory, so I could drive over and select my own M-1 from their inventory. I also had the fortune of meeting the Georgia CMP Director, who offered his help in getting a good selection.

3. AK-47

Image courtesy of WarriorTalk News

I think I would prefer a modern Saiga, although a nice wood-furnitured Kalashnikov would be great, too.

4. Glock 35

Courtesy of

This is one reason there is an asterisk in my list of guns I would not own. I wouldn’t buy a .40SW for defense, but if I decide to build an Open gun for USPSA, this is where I will start.


Yes, a SCAR-Heavy would be nice, but this will run me a lot less.

Five Guns I’ll Probably Never Own

I read this recently in two other places.  Given that I have addressed the other side of the coin, here and here, I guess I can go the other way.

Here are my 5 that I’ll probably* avoid.

5. Any .380 Auto

I just don’t see the point. Cost and size are roughly equal to the 9mm, and it’s made on the same equipment as 9mm so the availability is always going to be at the mercy of the 9mm supply. I’m not looking for a micro mouse gun I can wear concealed with a bathing suit, and if I wanted a gun that would hurt my hand every time I shot it I would get a .500 Magnum.

4. M-1 Carbine

I already have a Ruger 10/22, so this niche is filled.

3. Any .40 SW

Unless I decide to migrate to Limited or Open in USPSA. But for now, my 9mm does fine.

2. Remington 700

I’m not a hunter, and I’m not a big fan of bolt action. I know they are really smooth and tack drivers, but I can use the money elsewhere.

And finally . . .

1. Any 1911

No surprise here. I can list my reasons . . .

I don’t have the need to re-holster while riding at full gallop. I don’t see paying double for my ammo, and carrying a third the number of rounds.

I’ll stop here.



* I won’t rule out any gun, especially if it’s a gift. Let’s say I won’t spend good money on these.

Rob Pincus for NRA Board of Directors


Rob Pincus, firearms trainer and host of a number of shooting shows, has announced his candidacy as a write-in candidate for the NRA Board of Directors.

I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and run for the 76th Seat on the NRA Board of Directors! In order to qualify for this seat, which is voted on at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis this April, I need as many write in votes as possible as part of the General Election.
I strongly believe that a position on the NRA BoD will allow me to do more work to promote our rights and responsibilities related to firearms ownership!

You have until April 6th to get your ballot in. Historically, less than 10% of eligible voters participate… Let’s up the numbers and get those ballots in! Please spread the word!! #pincus4NRA

I am truly honored by the early support and encouragement that this announcement has brought in! I know that some of you have already sent your ballots in, but perhaps you know people who haven’t. Thanks Much!

I support Rob, and I plan to write him in, and I urge you to as well.

Rob is a staunch supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, and has made it his life’s work to see that we do so responsibly. He will bring that focus to the Board.

The last person I wrote in for the Board of Directors was Tom Selleck, who unfortunately didn’t receive enough votes to be elected. However, he did receive enough attention that the next year he was on the ballot, and was elected.

Pincus for BOD

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