New Contest – Name the SKS

Why do people name their guns?

I named my first Glock 17 after Bruce Willis, because my wife suggested I buy a gun she could shoot and not have to count the rounds fired, just like he does in the movies.

Since then I’ve come to realize a secondary benefit of naming my guns. If we’re in a subway station late at night and my wife asks “Is the Duke coming with us?” it draws a lot less attention than if she asks “Hey, are you carrying your Glock 21?”

Now, I’ve had many names for my SKS, but none of them have been memorable enough to stick. It’s a Norinco, all matching serial numbers. Of course, I’ve added a few aftermarket parts, including a tactical stock and foregrip.

So, please help me pick a name.

Please submit your choices for a name, and reasons if you have them (provenance lends interest, after all), and I will choose a winner, which I will announce on Friday April 15. The winning submittal will receive accolades and the admiration of the masses, in addition to Gun Naming Immortality.

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