Tax Day = National Buy a Gun Day

Today is the day income tax filings are due in the United States. If you owe money, today is the day to pay it. If you’re due a refund, I hope you already filed, and have the refund back.

I filed in February, and had the money back in time to buy a new .22 caliber Browning Buck Mark pistol for my birthday.

I do not consider this purchased with Other People’s Money, since it was my money after all, and the .gov was just holding the excess until I asked for it back. Rather, I see this as an interest free firearms purchase payroll savings plan. It works for me.

I urge you to do the same with your refund. If you can’t do it this year, adjust your withholding so you have an extra $50 a month taken out, and you should be set. It’s a painless way to save.

So, as much as it pains to, “Happy” Tax Day!

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