The Advantage of Youth

Number One Son and I spent the late afternoon Sunday in the back yard playing a few plinking games. First we ran a little run and gun using his Airsoft pistols against the garden flags. They give definite feedback when hit.

Then we played Horse (actually, we called it Daisy) with the BB gun on various targets, always mindful of Rule 4, of course. I noticed he was already shooting the BB gun left handed to match his eye dominance, and I asked him how it felt. He answered with a hit on the pie plate at 40 yards, and said, “Pretty good. Your turn.” I missed left handed. “D.” He then switched and shot right handed, and hit the plate. This one I matched.

Ahh, to be young.

While we were running and gunning I asked him to come with me to the next USPSA match that I shoot, probably in May. I think he’ll at least come watch.

He also agreed to come with me to the GSSF match in Dawsonville in July. My guess is that by then he will be a member and will compete. And by 2012 he will probably beat me.

That’s the breaks.