Really, I Don’t Have a Holster Problem

A few weeks ago I was rearranging the closet, and I decided to lay out my collection for a photo. My wife came in and counted them. Thirteen holsters. She said, “13 holsters for 4 guns. Looks like someone has a Holster Problem.”

I tried to put on my best “how many purses do you own?” face, and explained my collection.

Because of its unique shape and size, the Buck Mark has a dedicated holster, a nylon belt holster that I had to modify to hold the red dot scope.

My Glock 17 and Glock 19 can share holsters, and for them I own a Glock factory polymer holster, a leather belt holster, a leather IWB holster, and two Kydex paddle holsters, one black and one painted tan. I also have an ankle holster that both will fit, but honestly, I would only carry the G19 in it.

My Glock 21 has a dedicated leather belt holster and a Kydex paddle holster.

All three Glocks can also share a thin leather IWB holster that I keep in the car, and a flap holster I use for open carry when I’m camping or hiking. (Is that a can of worms I smell?) They can also share a cheap shoulder holster I admit I have never used, and a holster with hook and loop on it, that I use inside fanny packs.

I suppose I should include the nylon belt holster that I got for the G17 when I first bought it. My son uses it for his Airsoft pistols, but we still have it.

Finally, I have a Bladetech double offset drop holster that I use for competition. I use it for the G17, but it fits the G19 right now, and the G21 with some adjustment. I also have a Kydex belt holster that I can use for IDPA.

So, there we are: 17 holsters for 4 guns, an average of about 4 each. Each has its purpose, its history, and a valid argument for owning it. No problem.

My wife shook her head and left. The day was mine.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of good things about these new IWB holsters . . . .