Where the Magic Happens

DoubleAught over at the RomeoTangoBravo blog opened the doors to his inner sanctum Saturday and showed us where he works his blogging magic. He asked me to do the same, so here it is.

My office a like a mullet haircut – business in the front and party in the back. Working from the door to my office you see my Wall of Public Fame – diploma, certifications, memberships, photos of my clients, mission statements, sales strategy. I even have a framed final exam from an organic chemistry class in college that I aced.

Then comes my desk, with the usual – computer, phone, clock, pens, calculator, lava lamps.

Working farther in, I have a Glock calendar and a photo of me with the Gunny, R. Lee Ermey. I also have the only shooting match trophy I’ve ever received, a wooden 1911 pistol with a shooting figure on it. Next to it is a still from the FX series Justified, that shows Raylan Givens in his office, with a wooden pistol trophy on the wall behind him. Coincidence? I think not.

Behind me is a dry erase board and a credenza with files. And a putter and putting cup. And zombie posters behind the door. Just in case.

Okay, so business and party sometimes get mixed together.

So there we have it. My inspirational hive. Enter at your own risk.

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