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Packing for the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot

The good folks at have arranged quite an event this weekend, and I’ve been invited. A bunch of us gun bloggers will be traveling to Knoxville, TN and shooting all kinds of full auto hardware, and I will be getting a day of training from RangeMaster.

Apparently there will be very large bore stuff involved, too, since the equipment list they sent me includes a recommendation of ear plugs and ear muffs, “because tanks are loud.” Indeed.

With the Memorial Day weekend coming the family decided they would like a weekend by the pool, which makes sense, since I would have to pay for gas and motel any way. It will be a nice time for all, I’m sure.

I also arranged through a co-worker to bring an AR as a companion to Sergei my SKS. Then he described to me some FTE’s he gets once it heats up. Sounds like a nice diagnosing job for the experts, and this weekend I may be in the best place in the country to find one.

So, apart from getting the gun cart finished, I need to make sure all my gear is clean and packed. This will be fun, for sure. Look for frequent updates this weekend via this blog, and via Twitter.


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