Blogger Shoot Impressions

The Blogger Shoot is history, and I’m back home. I wanted to get some first impressions out, and I plan to follow up Monday evening with a more thorough report.

The car is unloaded, and the guns are locked in the safe, awaiting a mammoth cleaning tomorrow, although I had to at least brush out my Glock 17, in preparation for the Memorial Day Steel Challenge match tomorrow. Then there was the task of uploading video and photos, which I will share in coming days.

One big impression I have is that I learned a heck of a lot about my own guns, and about guns I had heard of but never shot. And, I got to meet a lot of really great gun people, people whose blogs I read and whose podcasts I listen to, and in whose company I am proud to be counted.

Thank you to all the Lucky Gunner people – you were awesome. Thank you to my fellow gun bloggers and podcasters, military re-enactors, and those folks who brought all the neat full auto hardware.

More to follow . . .