EyesNeverClosed ePostal Match

Disclaimer – this is not my target. I wish it was.

JP at the EyesNeverClosed blog has thrown out a challenge in the form of an ePostal match, through his Twitter feed. Rules and the target are posted here. Anyone on Twitter can shoot it, and submit a picture of their result by June 30.

I went to the local indoor range today during the lunch hour to shoot it with my Browning Buck Mark, and I took away some lessons.

* I am not and have never been a bullseye shooter. I need to learn slow fire techniques.

* I should eat before I go.

* I shouldn’t go when I have 40 minutes to shoot. The target is pressure enough.

* I shouldn’t go to a range where the targets oscillate 5 degrees once per second, and take 5 minutes to stop oscillating. This turns it into the Bianchi movers stage, which I don’t think were part of the rules.

* The red dot sight I had from my old Buck Mark fifteen years ago may need replacing. I can’t seem to get it adjusted like I should be able to.

None of these are meant as excuses, I just need to learn more. My best score was 12 out of 20. I may post it later. I may not.