Summer Thoughts

Summer is the time of the year I like most. Many people say “I can always put on more coats in the winter.” Not me, I can never get warm enough. I prefer to feel the sweat roll down my . . . neck. I like it hot.

Summer is the height of competition season, and on this Solstice I’m struck by how little I have competed so far this year. I have two favorite USPSA clubs here in the Atlanta area that I shoot at, one the second Saturday, and one the third Sunday, and I’ve had other family commitments so far this summer. I’ve shot two Steel matches, at that’s it. Yes, I spent Memorial Day at the LuckyGunner Blogger Shoot, but that doesn’t count.

In July, I have a Steel match, a USPSA match, and a GSSF match in successive weekends. Then, Gaston Glock’s birthday on the 19th. It should be a good month.

So, okay already. Stop my bitchin’. Load some magazines, get my practice in, and hit the road. I have no one to blame but me.