Podcast of the Week – The New Shooter Podcast

As you know, I’m always on the lookout for gun podcasts to make my 1-hour-plus commute tolerable. A new one I recently came across is the New Shooter Podcast, on the interwebz at www.newshooterpodcast.com, and on Twitter at @newshootercast.

Nick is the host, and he is what he says, a new shooter. He came to shooting recently, and decided to share that experience with the rest of us through the podcast medium.

So far, Nick has posted five episodes, and I’ve enjoyed all five. He starts, as a lot of gun podcasts, with a list of what he’s done with guns (an admitted homage to the Gun Dudes), news, and email feedback, then he moves into a main topic.

Topics have been varied. The first episode was a very interesting interview with a documentary filmmaker about her latest project, a film called A Girl and a Gun. Other topics included how to teach first time shooters, and the Zombie Shooters Association, which I reviewed some time back.

Nick’s style is easy and enjoyable. He presents a good amount of information on his topics. His interview style isn’t as polished as a TV new anchor, but he’s as good as most other podcasters, and I like it.

The New Shooter Podcast is a welcome addition to my iTunes subscription page, and to my commute. Thanks, Nick!

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  1. I really enjoy the NSP. Nick deserves this praise, and I hope he continues the show and his adventure into the world of firearms.


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