Ammo Review – CCI 9mm Shotshells

At the suggestion of a Twitter follower, @EnBloc, I set out to perform a scientific test of CCI 9mm shotshells, for protection against snakes and other small varmints in the woods. I planned to measure shot patterns at normal snake distances, and, as a final test, to shoot a tube sock filled with sand to show its real power.

That is, until a three foot long Canebrake Rattlesnake surprised us the other day at the range.

So, I decided to use another scientifically rigorous method. I shot that snake in the face.

Video courtesy of @RKBArms

As you can see, the shotshell was quite effective. In my opinion, one shot would have sufficed, but a follow-up shot was administered, just to be sure.

The 9mm CCI Shotshell contains number 12 shot, and claims to shoot at 1450 feet per second. However, at only 298 foot-pounds, the recoil from the round was not enough to cycle my Glock 17, so I had to cycle the slide myself. This is important to know in case the first shot is not as effective as this one was.

I had always wondered if these loads were effective. Now I know.

4 thoughts on “Ammo Review – CCI 9mm Shotshells

  1. Very nice "live" test! There appears to be no question about the effectiveness of the shotshells! It's too bad they aren't powerful enough to cycle the slide, at least on the GLOCK. That's good information to know.


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