Don’t get me wrong. My base Ruger 10/22, Steve Rogers, was fun enough. I loved shooting it.

But even my son complained about two things – how hard the blade sights were to use, and how many times it would jam up with failures to extract.

One thing about fixing a problem is that sometimes you forget you had the problem, and that’s true here. So, I thought I would say bit about them, one last time.

Adding a variable 2 to 6 power scope fixed the sight issue, and will be fine from 30 yards or so, out to 200 or so. For closer in, I plan to borrow a page from 3-gun shooters and add a 45 degree Weaver mount off the front rail, and install a red dot or reflex sight.

If I had to go to iron sights, I think I would install a military style ring rear sight and bladed front sight. In fact, I may do that on a bias on the right side of the gun, and forego the red dots.

For the second problem, I replaced the stamped Ruger factory extractor with a machined titanium extractor, and the difference is extraordinary. Exactly zero failures to extract. I had to remind my son yesterday about how much this change had meant.

I sometimes have extractor problems with the Buck Mark pistol, so I’m also looking to replace the extractor on it.

Overall, the transformation from Steve Rogers to the Super Soldier was profound. With the heavy target barrel there is almost no recoil, and with a T-6 stock and vertical foregrip, what recoil is there is extremely manageable.

Now, add a bipod, and some red, white, and blue Krylon, and Captain America will be complete.