My Lottery List

My recent post on my gun wish list has inspired quite a bit of discussion around the watercooler and around the campfire. Naturally, people have share their own wish lists with me, and some have told me about guns they’ve shot and that they think I should own.

My son’s major contribution, beyond his total disdain for the .30Cal M1 Carbine round, has mostly been in the form of “Hey, but what about this gun? Wouldn’t that be neat to have?”

The problem, of course, is that a 14 year old has little concept of the limits of a household budget, beyond his own wheeler-dealing of used video games at the local Gamestop. I try to explain that I don’t have enough money to own and buy ammo for all the guns he thinks are neat.

But I have to admit that, budget aside, it turns out that I do have another list in my head of guns I would like to own if money were no object.

You will note there are no old curios on my list, no Mambus, no Walkers. Yes, I think my Mosin Nagant is neat to shoot, but if I hadn’t gotten such a good deal on mine, I doubt if I would own one.

So, in the spirit of GoalSettingTM I present my list of Guns I Would Love To Own When I Win The Lottery.

1. FNH PS90

With a 50 round magazine, fully ambidextrous controls, and super badass appearance, this tops my list.

2. Kriss Vector

I got to shoot one of these at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot in May.

A full auto, suppressed, .45ACP machine gun that uses Glock magazines. Because of how the internals work, the action itself helps reduce recoil, so that it is really one sweet shooting machine.

Here’s a video I shot of John at No Lawyers Only Guns And Money shooting one. Enjoy.

3. Barrett M107A1

This is the semi-auto version.

For all the utility of easily concealable machine guns, I may need a nice stand-off weapon, for those times when I want to keep the threat at least 1,000 meters away.

4. Glock 18

This Glock 18 belonged to Saddam Hussein. It now resides in George W. Bush’s office in Crawford, Texas.

What can I say? May as well.

Here’s a video of me shooting one at the Blogger Shoot. It went too fast.

Look for more of this list from time to time.

Of course, I welcome your additions to the list. I have an open mind, and when I win the lottery, I don’t want to miss one.