Weak Hand Shooting is Only Weak Hand if Your Hand is Weak

My Quest for C Class

I’ve been doing the Wall Drill for almost a week now, and when I did it one handed with my left hand, I was reminded of something I already knew, from training class, and from USPSA classifiers where I had to shoot with my left hand – I suck shooting one handed with my left hand. It really is my weak hand. The gun looks like I have some kind of muscle control issues.

I’ve never thought of my left hand as particularly weak, but the truth was staring me in the face.

So, one day last week I decided to take some action. I was out of the office to call on a client, and I happened to be about an hour early for my appointment. As fate would have it, my client’s office was one exit down from a big box sporting goods store. There I found the Everlast Hand and Finger Strengthener. It has separate spring loaded posts for each finger, and a backstrap that looks a lot like a pistol grip.

I’ve been using it while I work, and I’ll report how my Wall Drill results fare.