Good Weekend

My weekend started well. I shot the monthly Action Pistol match at River Bend Gun Club in Dawsonville, Georgia. This match consists of three stages that are moderately challenging, involving a mix of steel and paper targets.

This month there were over 60 participants, including a group of Cadets from The Military College of Georgia, located at North Georgia College and State University, shown above. They shot in full combat gear including loaded rucks – talk about Train as you Play. Fortunately for me, they were shooting Limited to my Production. I felt unworthy.

I finished fifth out of ten in Production, 0.01 points back of fourth and 0.38 points behind third. Looks like my two weeks of dry fire practice is paying off.


After the match, the club served a free hotdog lunch, then I was on the road home. I made it home at halftime of my alma mater Georgia Tech’s game against Kansas. The Yellow Jackets pulled away in the second half, winning 66 – 24.


Sunday was a cleanup day. Next week is the Glock Annual Shoot at the South River Gun Club in Conyers, GA, the largest GSSF match of the year. To get ready, I completely detail stripped and cleaned Bruce, my G17, and the Duke, my G21, since I plan to shoot them in the match.

I also detail stripped Bucky, my Browning Buck Mark .22LR pistol. Between Bucky and my 10/22 Captain America I’ve shot over 1,500 rounds of ammo, without cleaning Bucky at all. To say the gun was dirty is an understatement. I spent a lot of time with gun scrub spray and buff pads.

I also did a little internal work, mostly polishing, that I read about on Rimfire Central.

One thing I know, if I am going to compete with Bucky, I will need to install an extended magazine release. I was not blessed with normal thumbs, and pressing the release now requires me to shift the gun quite a bit. In fact, while practicing mag changes, I found I needed to use my off hand to hold the gun around the trigger guard, then shift my hand to press the release. I can’t imagine how this will work in a match, with a hot gun, and the adrenaline flowing.

I tried drilling and tapping the existing magazine release button, but I found the material is too hard for me to do a good job. I will likely buy one off the interwebz.

I also played around with different sighting ideas on my 10/22 and Buck Mark. Right now I have a 2 – 6 x 40mm scope on the 10/22 and a red dot scope on the Buck Mark. In a .22 match, I would need something quick on the rifle, and I think I can make do with the scope at 2x. I tried the red dot, and that would work, but it leaves me with iron sights on the pistol. I might spring for a reflex sight for the pistol, which would be quicker to use than the red dot.

I may also buy a 45 degree offset Weaver base for the 10/22, and mount either the red dot or a reflex sight on it, and set the scope to 4x or similar. It would still be fast to use.

It’s a busy week ahead.