The Wall Drill, a video

My Quest for C Class

In a recent post I talked about the Wall Drill. I’ve been doing these fairly regularly for about 4 weeks now, and I have found my performance is improving. The sights hardly move at all as I break the trigger.

I was surfing the instructional videos on the interwebz, and I came a cross a really good video on the Wall Drill, presented by its inventor, MSG George Harris of the US Army Reserve, who is also Director of the SIG Academy. It really helped to see it in action.

One thought on “The Wall Drill, a video

  1. I learned the Wall Drill when I took the SigArms instuctor course a few years ago. I've found it very useful ever since and use it in the classes I teach.Good video. I've been meaning to write about the drill myself on my Michigan Firearms Examiner page and now that there is a video to include I'll bump that up near the top of the list.Nice find.Rob


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