In Memoriam

Photo courtesy of the USAMU via the Military Marksmanship Association.

I was clicking around today looking for information on the US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), when I came across the website for the Military Marksmanship Association, a private, non-profit group made up of former USAMU members. I was surprised to find there on the first page a familiar name, SFC Jason Sargent.

The last time I shot a GSSF match at Fort Benning in 2008, the USAMU served as Range Officers. Sergeant Sargent was the RO when I shot 5 to Glock. How could I forget that name?

I was also shooting with another shooter, for whom it was actually the first time they had shot a pistol. I was fascinated with how patient the other RO was with this new shooter, even though her strings took minutes to complete.

While we waited, SFC Sargent asked me, “Would you mind if I gave you a pointer?”

Well, duh. When the US Army Marksmanship Unit offers you free advice, you take it.

It turns out I was slapping the trigger, that is, removing my trigger finger from the trigger after every shot. He showed me how to shoot with reset, that it, to hold the trigger until the gun cycled, then release it just enough to reset the trigger, ready to fire. The difference was palpable, and I was able to reduce the time on my next string of fire by over 3 seconds.

It was probably the most valuable shooting advice I’ve every gotten, and I remember it vividly. After all, like I said, you don’t forget someone named Sergeant Sargent.

But today, on the front page, was a link to SFC Sargent’s obituary. I was stunned.

** Update – obituary here.

I will let you read his story. I certainly cannot do it justice.

SFC Sargent, thank you for your service, and for your advice. You will be remembered.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about SFC Sargent. The folks in the Armed Services sacrifice a lot, sometimes their very lives. Even losing one off the battlefield is a tragedy. He was far too young.He gave you some of the best advice a shooter could get and I'll know you'll never forget it.


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