A New Blog – Sorta

Back before September 11, JP and I got a wild idea one evening, to flaunt our American liberties in the face of America’s Islamist enemies, in order to show that we have not been dissuaded by anything they could put together. The result was a blog called Bacon and Boomsticks.

While I did post a few examples, I have to admit that I wasn’t able to give this site the marketing effort needed for it to really take off.

I haven’t talked a lot about it here, but one of the things I love as much as shooting is cooking. Now, a lot of bloggers combine their loves into one record, and that’s okay.

So, today I am announcing that Bacon and Boomsticks (B&B) will become a blog devoted to barbecue, grilling, and other forms of cooking. I also plan to review barbecue joints, beers, and other refreshments. Yes, if I go to a barbecue, then there will be guns, since the folks I hang with bring their guns, and you’ll see them there.

I can’t say how often I will post. When I find something interesting, you’ll see it there. I can’t say whether there will be many cross-posts, but I will be sure to provide a link here so you can catch up.

If you enjoy burned meat, chili, and beer as much as I do, then we’re both in for a treat.

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