Cross Dominance Revisited

April 2010

August 2011

As I’ve related before, my son is cross dominant. Like a large number of people, he is right handed but left eye dominant.

We’ve worked on compensating for this before, as seen in the top photo, taken over a year ago. He even started shooting rifles left handed.

The last time we went shooting, I noticed he was shooting rifles right handed. I asked him about it when we got home.

His answer? He figured he should learn to shoot both ways. What about his eye dominance? Did that make the rifle shooting a problem? Not really – he just squinted a little with his left eye, and it all fell into place. Considering he was hitting targets at 100 yards with iron sights with the AR, I’d say it worked.

I also noticed him last weekend shooting his Nerf pistol right handed, despite having done that almost exclusively left handed. And he did a good job with it.

When he starts competing, and the stage calls for “offhand” shooting, the rest of us are in for a surprise. He won’t have one.