Fall Back, Get Ahead

Just like remembering to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, the change of time from Standard to Daylight Savings Time and back again affords us a built in reminder to do those things we need to do every 6 months, or yearly.

For instance, I change batteries in every clock in my house on New Year’s Day. It’s a reminder of the fleeting nature of time, and I usually have a bunch of batteries I got on sale for Christmas.

So, Sunday I took the opportunity to do some of those things I always do once a year.

I detail stripped my Glocks and checked all the things I usually don’t check, like recoil springs, firing pin springs, and firing pin cups. (Everything was fine.)

I baked the desiccant bags from my gun safes, to restore them. (I know, I should do this monthly. It’s now on my calendar.)

I unpacked my Get Home Bag, and checked all the items against my checklist. (You never know when I’ve taken something out and forgotten to replace it.) I also ran the blanket and sleeping bag through a fluffy cycle in my dryer. I replaced all the water bottles with fresh ones, and replaced the box of granola bars. (Guess what my snacks are this week . . . )

I did an ammunition inventory. I will then put that against my calendar of upcoming matches and shooting outings to decide when I need to buy more.

I took all my long guns out of the safe, and cleaned out the bottom of the safe (so that’s where that went) and re-positioned the spacers that hold up the guns. I then wiped down my guns with a good oily rag, and put everything back in neatly. Man, that looked nice.

One embarrassing confession – I took photos of a lot of this, but I also blew off my whole yard with the leaf blower, put together a new roll-around tool box, and put together a new fire pit. So, I didn’t get a chance to download the pictures. It’s just as well, some of these tasks will make good stand alone posts later this week.

Oh, I also set my clocks back an hour.