So Much To Do

To say it has been a busy few months for us would be an understatement. So many things have brought us to this point that it’s hard to know where to start.

I’m a carpenter by trade, and I got engaged a few months ago to a wonderful girl. Our families arranged it, as usual, but I got lucky. She’s beautiful, and she’s smart, and she’s happy.

And, it turns out, she’s pregnant.

I know the baby isn’t mine, and, knowing the girl and her family, I know she had never been with any man before we met.

But even after I found out she was pregnant, she seems so happy and so confident that I have to believe her story. Her cousin had a baby a year ago, many years past the time when women should be having babies. The hand of God is with them both.

But, on top of what we’re going through, the emperor decides he wants a census taken, and he wants the count done in everyone’s home town. What can we do? My family roots are in Bethlehem, so we go.

Normally, two people on the road from Galilee to Bethlehem would be easy pickings for bands of robbers. But everyone is on the road, north and south, and we’ve been able to stay safe.

We arrived in town this morning, and right away I knew lodging would be a problem. I was right. There are no rooms anywhere in town.

But the last innkeeper I talked to is going to let us stay in his stable, so at least we have somewhere to sleep.

Now, riding on a donkey can make anyone sore, but it seems like this may be more than that. The baby may be on its way.

If the baby is born here, we’ll be here for months. I’m grateful to be a carpenter, because I can find work anywhere, and support my family. But there is still so much to do, and so many questions.

But most of all, tonight, I trust God.

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