Starbucks Appreciation Day 2

As reported by Sebastian and others, the National Gun Victims Control Action Council is holding another boycott of Starbucks, on February 14, because of their policy of allowing customers to follow whatever local laws say about the open carry of guns in their stores.

As a result, Sebastian is proposing a second annual Starbucks Appreciation Day on the same day. I plan to visit my local Starbucks with my wife, and thank the manager for their refusal to yield to the anti-gunners.

I encourage you to do so, too, and report your impressions here.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Appreciation Day 2

  1. How pathetic is that group that the best they can manage is a one day boycott? I suppose much like Weerd's candle and carry piece repose any of us who buy a coffee that day will be "mocking victims".


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