Double Barrel 1911

Courtesy of The Firearm Blog

There has been quite a flutter over this in the blogosphere today. Supposedly this gun holds twice the amount of .45ACP, so it’s All That And a Bag of Chips. There are two triggers but one slide, so I can’t imagine shooting one shot at a time.

My Glock 21SF holds 13 rounds of .45ACP plus one in the chamber. And it weighs 28 ounces fully loaded, versus about 6 pounds for this monster.

Yes, there is the Cool Factor. Plus, if you know that all the USPSA stages are going to be paper targets, it would be neat to shoot them all with one sight picture each.

But, where are you going to get a holster?

2 thoughts on “Double Barrel 1911

  1. I think the only potentially interesting thing about this beast is the Class III version that launches both at once with a single trigger pull. Someone had to sink a lot of money into this project…


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