I’ve had my share of problems with the word puzzle feature of Blogger’s comment section, so, as with a lot of other bloggers, I’ve turned it off.

At the same time, I will now require some kind of registration for comments. If you want to comment anonymously, register anonymously. But register.

I also reserve the right to delete comments that are vulgar, irrelevant, or just plain stupid. There’s no need to subject the good readers of this blog to your drivel.

If you feel the need to leave me a vulgar, irrelevant, or stupid comment, just put it in an email to me at FillYerHands at gmail dot com, and save it as a draft overnight, and read it again. Hopefully you’ll come to your senses, but if you still feel the need, send away. Again, I don’t take them personally, but I don’t subject others to them either.