Taking the Plunge

Okay, yall. I’m jumping in.

This bad boy is officially on order through my local gun dealer, Michael of Dogleg Arms. That was Mike in the blog header, before Stan Weber posted the current one on Twitter.

Obviously, I’m going to attempt to build one. My plan is to build a home defense gun, and my first specs include a 16 inch barrel, red dot sight co-witnessed with flip up iron sights. And . . . drum roll . . . a suppressor. I plan on setting up a NFA trust for the suppressor as soon as I can, since that will be the long lead item.

As for the rest of it, I’m in no particular hurry, except that, for some reason, I get the feeling I need to be done before the first Tuesday in November

Hold on, everybody. Here we go.

3 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

  1. You are going to have fun building it regardless of what parts you choose to hang on it. Most BUIS rarely get used, but I think an AR with just a red dot and no BUIS just look kind of naked. Like something is missing.


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