Unexpected Gunners, Part 2 – David Feherty and Greg Norman

Photo courtesy of The Golf Channel
Sometimes people who you would not expect to be shooters turn out to be just that. First was Alton Brown, and then golfers David Feherty and Greg Norman.
Feherty hosts a self-named talk show on The Golf Channel, and in one episode last year he went to visit golf legend Greg Norman at his home in Colorado. One of the things Norman shared was his gun room, shown above.
Photo courtesy of The Golf Channel

They shot a lot of guns, including a Barrett .50BMG rifle and a lot of handguns and shotguns.

In a candid shot from another episode last year, while on a flight, Feherty was reading a gun magazine that had an AR-15 on the cover. He put the magazine down as the camera came toward him, noticed the AR, and said to the camera that he had two of those. Nice.  He also tweets about them from time to time.