Just The Thing For Those Resolutions

It is the time of year when we all vow to shoot more and get better, before the competition season returns.

Walt White, competitive shooter and blogger at Walt in PA, is also a whiz when it comes to Computer Aided Drafting using AutoCAD. (Raise your hand if you took drafting before there were Computer Aided Drafting programs. . . )

In any case, Walt has used the mashup of his talents, as it were, to produce some targets that you can download and print at home. One of them is a one-third scale target. One-third scale targets have the interesting property that  when they are placed at a distance of a set number of feet, they appear to be the same size as a full size target at the same distance in yards.

Practice for Competition, Part 2 - Target Transition

This makes them extremely effective for those of us who practice indoors, because it means you can put two targets on a stand, and practice target transitions and multiple shots.

I also found a number of targets at BAM Airsoft, including some color one-third scale targets that have no-shoot and hard target markings on them. Again, the better to practice with.

Check them out.