Why Aren’t You Involved?

I saw this post over at No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, and I agree 100 percent.

Question: Why aren’t you an NRA member? Or a Second Amendment Foundation member? Why don’t you get a Concealed Weapons License? Why don’t you write your Congressman or Senators about gun issues?

Answer: “I don’t want to get on The List.”

Seriously. I have had more than one person tell me that if they do something to support their rights, they will go on The List. You know, that List of gun owners, rights supporters, subversives, and right wing revolutionaries that the armies of jack booted thug will print out when they go door to door when (with kudos to Ron Larimer) the balloon goes up.

To that I respond, what makes you think you aren’t already on The List?

  • Have you ever bought a gun from a FFL and had a background check run?
  • Do you subscribe to any gun magazines?
  • Have you ever bought ammunition or shooting supplies online? Ever use a credit card?
  • Have you ever visited a gun blog or website without setting your browser to private settings?

Every one of these things has already brought you to the attention of the people who make The List.

Of course, as @GunRightsAlert in John’s post points out, if enough of us join or speak up, pretty soon The List gets too big for them to handle. And that is the point.

5 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Involved?

  1. Yeah, I figure since the early 70s, when I bought my first ‘papered’ firearm, and spoke in a Public Affairs college class about the JFK assassination that I was among the ‘listed’.
    I’m an NRA Life Member and have a pro-freedom/gun blog. I’ll never make it to the boxcars…



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