What I Just Sent to Groupon

Over the last couple of years I have used Groupon for discounts at restaurants and attractions. However, Groupon recently decided to cancel all its deals for gun ranges and shooting activities, based on “performance and customer feedback.”

So, in what seems to be a recurring theme, I just sent this message to Groupon’s customer service feedback center:

Because of Groupon’s recent decision to stop selling Groupons for shooting activities, once I use my outstanding deals, I will never buy another deal, and I am unsubscribing from your notices.

People who shoot guns are engaging in a legal activity. The fact that they do so at companies who use your service, such as gun ranges, means they are also doing so in a supervised and safe manner. Your discrimination against an activity is unacceptable.


Seconds later I received this email:

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your submission! Although we typically respond to most emails in less than 24 hours, we’re running a little behind right now. You should hear from us in about 48 hours. Sorry in advance for the delay!

Groupon Support

I doubt if I will get a response.

3 thoughts on “What I Just Sent to Groupon

  1. Braden Lynch

    Instead, I called them and told their customer service representative exactly why I wanted my account closed forever. I left no doubt that attacking my right as an American to be armed has business consequences.


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