Who Is Rooster?

As you may notice, I don’t use my real name when I post on this blog, nor on my Twitter account. Recently another gun blogger opined that all gun bloggers should use their real name if they want to be taken seriously by gun manufacturers.

I thought I would address the issue of anonymity, and why I choose it.

Throughout history, people have chosen to remain anonymous for many reasons. For some like Poor Richard, the threat to their families and property, were they revealed, was obvious.

My reason boils down to essentially the same thing – I don’t need the hassle if certain people find out what I do here. However, unlike Poor Richard, my work wouldn’t be seen as seditious as much as it might be misunderstood.

You see, I am an engineer by training, and a recruiter by profession. I have professional relationships with clients and candidates who need to have confidence in me and my skills, in order to complete the transaction that I bring them together to fulfill. Only when those two groups find peace with each other do I get paid.

Now, as we know, there are people in this world who do not understand guns, and who, in fact, fear them. The incident in Newtown, Connecticut, last December has shown that this fear is pervasive, and doesn’t respond to logic or reason.

Somewhere, the sets of [customers and candidates] and [those ignorant or hostile to guns and gun owners] intersects, and I don’t see any point in making that an issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not misleading any of my clients or my candidates. In fact, when the time is right, I’ve made it known clearly. I even work with some gun manufacturers.

But the truth is, it doesn’t matter whether most of my clients or candidates know I write this blog, because it doesn’t affect how I fill jobs.

Now, that other blogger seems to assume that my goal with this blog is to impress gun manufacturers.

But I write the blog because I like shooting and I like to share what I like with other people who like shooting. If that includes gun manufacturers, that’s great, but they should not expect me to bow down and give them a Guns&Ammo review just because they like me. In fact, you can look at my reviews and see that I tell it like it is, and that may not be good for a manufacturer if they can’t live up to our standards.

Interestingly, the companies I do reviews for know me by my name. They trust me to give them an honest opinion, and I do.

And, when I attend industry events, or visit the gun show or a gun shop, I have calling cards with my name on them. I introduce myself as “Rooster* of the Fill Yer Hands gun blog.”

But to me that’s no different than introducing myself to prospective engineering clients as “Rooster* of the Fill Yer Jobs Staffing Agency.”

After all, it’s who I am.




* I use my real name. Duh.

4 thoughts on “Who Is Rooster?

  1. Thank you for taking the time to address this point, and probably far better than I could ever hope to.

    My own story is the same song, different verse – I have reasons for keeping my online life and physical life separate and distinct, and I, likewise, do not run my site as a commercial enterprise.

    But despite all that, those companies to whom I have given positive reviews seem quite thankful for them, and those companies to whom I rightly gave negative reviews… well, I write honest reviews.

    I like to think that is part of the reason people read me :).


  2. I am a “ghost” blogger myself. I have chosen to remain anonymous for several reasons. One being my day job.

    I have decided that I want to launch my blog into a career. So I am going to step out and announce myself in the near future with the hopes of it propelling myself into a full time blogging career.

    Best of luck with your blog.


    1. I know others who have done that, most notably Ron Larimer at When the Balloon Goes Up. He’s gone from blog to online sales to podcast, and I suppose he will be hosting TV shows for Michael Bane any day now.

      I’d love to make this pay, except that I love my paying job, too. First World Problem, I guess.


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