Welcome To The South

I wanted to relate something that happened at the gun show last weekend. Sorry I didn’t included it in the earlier post but I was reminded of it this morning.

This will be a shock to Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, but it’s a familiar sight at a gun show – someone has purchased a gun, and they are standing there while the dealer waits on the phone to get the results of the background check. In Georgia, if you have a Georgia Weapons License this doesn’t last too long, because the GBI can check your GWL record quickly, bypassing the NICS.

But if not, you wait for the NICS check.

I was walking in an aisle at the gun show, and a fellow was waiting for the dealer who was on the phone, holding a clipboard with a form 4473 on it. On the table between them was a pistol case with a bill of sale on it. As I got closer, he asked the dealer “Oh, does this  take care of registration, too?”

The dealer didn’t understand him, partially because it was fairly loud in the Cobb County Civic Center, and partially because the question didn’t make sense.

As I moved past, he asked it again, and the dealer just looked at him sideways. And it dawned on me what he was saying.

“Do you mean registering the gun?” I asked him. He said yes.

It was then I noticed, he was fairly well built, with a military haircut. And his accent was . . . well . . . not from around here. Yankee-ish. I guessed he had just moved here either with the Air Force or Army.

“Oh, there’s no gun registration in Georgia,” I told him. He seemed taken aback. I repeated it.

“Oh. Really?”

“Really. Georgia doesn’t care how many guns you have. Welcome to the South.”

“Thank you, sir!”

Welcome, indeed.

One thought on “Welcome To The South

  1. I don’t know if you meant this or not but it sounds like you’re saying if an individual has a GWL, GBI is contacted and checks your GWL and NICS is bypassed.

    If you have a GWL, the FFL dealer copies your GWL info on the form 4473 and that’s it. GBI is not contacted. No is contacted. Only the buyer and dealer know you purchased a gun (unless its a multiple handgun purchase). The only way someone knows you purchased a gun is if there’s a trace. This is a reason why we (FFL dealers) charge you $ for a transfer. We have to maintain your paperwork for 20 years. That’s 20 years of gun traces we have to respond to. That is a reason I don’t sell ‘economic’ guns. They are more likely to transfer many hands and be used in crime.


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