NRA Board Of Directors

It’s that time of year again, when the NRA elects its Board of Directors. In case you don’t know, the NRA board is made up of 76 members: 75 on three year terms and 1 on a special one year term. Of the 75, 25 are elected each year. The 26th person in voting is usually appointed to the one year term.

If you are a NRA Life Member or have been a yearly Member for five years or more, your monthly magazine for March comes with a ballot, that is due to the NRA by April 14.

There is the usual plate of nominees this year, 29 in fact. Yes, there are some great voices for the Second Amendment on there, but there are some lacking that I would like to see run for the Board in 2014. Michael Bane and Tom Gresham come to mind, and I’m sure there are others.

While I’m not sure it’s time for another revolt like in 1977, but we should look to get more of the younger, up and coming voices in there.

Who knows. Maybe Mr. Colion Noir?


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