And The Winner Is

Ol’ Painless.

Ol Painless Rev
The original Ol’ Painless, carried by Ol’ Butthurt


The winning name for my new AR, as selected by readers, was submitted by Mike Basden, “in honor of Jesse Ventura’s mini-gun in Predator.”

The vote was close, I won’t kid you. Final voting was as follows:

  • Ol’ Painless – 5
  • Freedom – 4
  • Justice – 3
  • Eugene – 2
  • Vera – 2
  • Tanto – 2

Others, which got one each, were Steve Nash, Priscilla, Orcrist, Reason, and High Speed Low Drag Uber Delta.

Thanks to all who voted and who submitted names.

As promised, Mike will receive a signed eye patch.

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