Gun Free Victim Zone Guide

Courtesy of Miguel at Gun Free Zone comes a handy guide to Gun Free Victim Zones, from the Facebook page of the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action.

Mass-Murder-BingoOf course, I don’t see these businesses as anything to admire, but to be avoided, since criminals now know they can ply their trade unopposed. I already avoid most of these locations when an acceptable alternative is available.

It’s worth noting that my local CVS is not posted, which means it isn’t a Gun Free Victim Zone under Georgia law.

It’s also worth noting that, under Georgia law, weapons prohibitions are a property violation, not a criminal one, meaning that if someone is carrying a gun in one of these businesses, the owner is allowed to ask them to leave. The only time the police are involved is if the carrier refuses to leave. At that point they could be charged with criminal trespass.

It’s also worth noting that where I live, Kennesaw, it is very likely that people carry concealed into these locations all the time, without the owners ever knowing. Very likely.