A Reminder For The Times – The Get Home Bag

Snow 2Yesterday the Atlanta area got between 2 and 5 inches of snow, all arriving earlier than expected, and causing widespread chaos. Fortunately all my family made it home safely, although not without some walking through blowing snow, and an epic tale of rescue that will wait for another time.

My purpose now, though, is to highlight the advantages of being prepared. As I wrote 3 years ago, we all need to have preparations in our cars for times like this. Take the time now to start making one for your car, if you don’t have one already.

Be Prepared, Part 2 - Getting Home


4 thoughts on “A Reminder For The Times – The Get Home Bag

  1. My wife had to leave her car and walk (about 2 miles to collect our daughter from school) on her way home yesterday. I asked her if she used anything in the cold weather bag I put in her car this winter. Her reply, “Almost all of it, and what I didn’t use I took for [Senior Child] for our walk home. Never again will I laugh at you when you put that bag in the car; in fact here’s a list of the additional items I think we should include in it…”


  2. One other thing to note – although it’s in a backpack, and it was intended originally that I would put it on if I were stranded and had to walk, yesterday my wife knew she only had to walk a few miles at most, so she took the blanket and some water.

    After my cold weather shooting last week I am buying a case of hand warmers, and I will add those to the bag.

    Look for an update post, once we retrieve the car and the bag after the thaw.


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