I have been giving some thought to my participation in the shooting world, of which this blog has played a part. Admittedly not all of my thoughts are clear, but when are they ever? However, I figured that committing them to paper . . . er . . . bits would at least set for me a tangible goal, something visible, as a reminder of where I should be headed.

First, for reasons that are unimportant, I have not given shooting any real attention recently. Yes, I read Twitter and blog, and sometimes watch shows. But I haven’t shot in a match since last November, and I have probably only posted on this blog a couple of times a month. Even my wife has made the observation, and I have to admit, I am not happy with where I am.

That sucks.

That will change. Starting now.

So, for what it’s worth, here are my resolutions for the coming months:

  • Practice – dry fire, range time, all of it. I’ve even bought Ben Stoeger’s book on Dry Fire, at the example of Lee Bautista, and I now plan to read it, and use it.
  • Competition – the practice will lead to me resumption of USPSA shooting, starting in March. The goal here is to level up to C class by summer.
  • Blogging – I would love to get back to my one-time daily minimum, but for now let’s just say I will blog more. I have a lot of stuff saved as draft, and, like 90’s Saturday Night Live sketches, none of them are relevant any more. But, fortunately, new stuff arises daily, and I don’t see any problems.
  • Participating – I have been a member of the NRA for 20 years, and GeorgiaCarry.org for at least 5. It’s time I put some of my efforts to these causes.

Watch this space in the coming days and weeks.