Kennesaw, Georgia as Proof of the Fallacy of Gun Control

In 1982, the city of Morton Grove, Illinois, passed an ordinance outlawing the ownership of guns within the city limits. In response, the city of Kennesaw, Georgia, passed an ordinance requiring that every head of household, with some exceptions, maintain a firearm in the home, with ammunition.

This, of course, has fueled a multitude of responses over the years from gun control advocates. One incident that draws their attention is the mass shooting at a FedEx center in 2014. They point to this as a failure of the required presence of guns to prevent this shooting. Of course, what they fail to even notice is that the FedEx shooting was, in fact, a failure of the opposite kind, since the FedEx facility was a posted Gun Free Victim Zone.FedEx-Shooting

Now comes a missive on the Kennesaw situation so bizarre that I will leave it to the reader to digest.

All this leads me here.

Last night, as I pondered this most recent attempt at gunsense, I finally gave expression to the senselessness that I feel when reading all the gun control nonsense, and the failure of their logic.

You see, gun control advocates, especially the most ignorant and vocal, almost without exception, equate the ownership of guns by any law abiding citizens to the ownership of guns by violent criminals. In their minds, there is no difference. To them, it is not the person who is the problem, it is the gun. No matter the person’s background, beliefs, circumstances, they will kill when they have a gun. Not may kill, will kill.

This is where the snake metaphor arises – it is an unknown, an inevitable danger that will attack without warning. And the implication is, of course, that this danger will attack the innocent owner as quickly and as surely as it will the intended target.

This, of course, grows from the gunsense belief that the presence of guns in the home will lead to suicides in the home. Not may lead, will lead. And it is this one point that above all else, to me, deflates the gunsense message, but, sadly, has been missed by we who defend our rights.

To best understand, I took the gunsense mantra to its extreme. If guns mean death, then mandatory guns, required guns, would have produced a 100% death rate. Or, at the very least, it would result in a marked, noticable, reported spike in gun related deaths.

And yet, this is not the case. The murder rate in Kennesaw is not 100%, or even 50%, given that only about half the households have guns. The suicide rate in Kennesaw does not seem to be any higher than anywhere else.

Further proof:

No spike in shootouts and gun deaths at the NRA convention. Ever.

No rash of shootings and gun deaths at USPSA, IDPA, or any other sport shooting events. Ever.

I could go on.

The time has come to point this out to the gunsense crowd, and politely ask them to shut the hell up.