An Argument Against Campus Carry

Courtesy of Robert M at Great Satan Inc., I ran across a statement from Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University.

Mr. Crow writes:

Can you imagine a crowded college lecture hall in which one student pulls a handgun and fires a shot, then a dozen more students, untrained in the use of firearms and how to handle potentially deadly situations, all pull out their guns? Innocent people would be caught in a deadly crossfire of panicked students firing in every direction. And what does the SWAT team do when it arrives? How do they know which of a dozen or more armed and possibly firing shooters is the bad guy? Or do they take out everyone with a gun?

As Robert points out, we are asked to imagine, because no such incident has ever occurred.

Instead, I suggest to the reader, and Mr. Crow:

Can you imagine a crowded school where two disaffected students fire at students at will, and kill 12 students, because no one at the school is armed? Of course you can, that was Columbine.

Can you imagine a crowded school where a disaffected student fires at students at will, and kills 2 students? But this time, his rampage is halted by a teacher who retrieved his own legal gun from his car? Of course you can, that was Pearl.

Can you imagine a crowded school where any number of disaffected students thought better of bringing guns to school, because the teachers and staff were armed? Maybe not, because that doesn’t make the news. But carry at school is legal in Israel, and when was the last time you heard of an Israeli school massacre?

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