Going Jordan

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Pardon the sidetrack . . .

Some time back, I was leaving my home, and some rain dripped off the roof, straight on to my bald spot. I decided then that I had to make a life decision.

In my mind, there are three stages of dealing with hair loss, without resorting to transplants or Rogaine. I name the three stages after the most prominent people who elected them.


Here you act like nothing is different, and cover it up. Also known as the Comb Over.


Here you admit that your coverage isn’t what it used to be, but you still want something there. So you trim it down and own up to it.


Here you say, what the hell, and shave it all off.

So, about 5 years ago I went Picard and started getting a 3/8 inch buzz cut all over.

Me as Picard

But then came the Recent Unpleasantness and the threat of losing it all, and I decided to go Jordan.

Me New

Another milestone.

4 thoughts on “Going Jordan

  1. Warren

    I went Picard 3 years ago when I got tired of it blowing in my face while standing in front of a fan to stay cool. Now I just run a #2 blade over the whole thing for about a 1/4″ velvety finish.

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  2. During my chemo most of my hair fell out, and regrew as a patchwork. Thus, I shaved every two or three days.
    When I stopped chemo, my hair growth increased significantly, making daily shaving impractical.
    I now sport a 3/8″ cut and a biker-esque goatee. Fortunately, my roommate is an exgf and hair stylist!
    Whatever works, Bro!



    1. After my two rounds of chemo, I’ve lost most of my eyebrows, and hair elsewhere has thinned out a lot. My facial hair grows sporadically and is rather soft and curly, not like a normal beard at all.

      Still don’t know if I’ll keep the Jordan or go back Picard. I’ll leave that to later.

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