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2019 has started out well as the year of my return to competitive shooting, and I am working to keep it going.

It started with USPSA at Cherokee Gun Club, and River Bend Gun Club. As I reported before, I decided to switch from Production to Limited Minor, and, while I can’t say I’ve seen a big difference, not having to plan my stage based on 10 rounds is rather nice. I now pack 18 rounds, plus one in the chamber if I need it, and this usually means only one mag change.

The result of this is I am shooting the Classifiers well enough that I think I can start out as a C class Limited shooter, once I get 6 scores. Seeing that I spent 7 years as a D class Production shooter, I feel good about it.

The next news came from the GSSF match in Dawsonville on March 16, where I shot 94.16, beating my best match ever by over 8 points. I did this y have zero Mikes, and by shooting my fastest times ever on 5 to Glock and Glock M.

Of course, being a perfectionist, I look at Glock the Plates and ask why I didn’t do my best ever, there? But it was easy to see – my stages went 10.47 >> 9.21 >> 6.12 >> 6.21. Since this was my first stage, the answer, to me, is warm up. I could have shot it 7 seconds or so faster. But I’ll take it.

So where is this coming from? Dry fire. I’m spending at least 15 minutes a day in my office dry firing, smoothing up my trigger pull. about a third of that is draw and fire, to speed up my first shot and make it accurate.

And, I have to admit, watching myself on YouTube, my next area to work on needs to be to lose weight and speed up. Given I have always had catcher speed, I don’t know if losing the weight will really work, but it can’t hurt.

More to come!

4 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. Hi Tom, Re the idea of a warm up for GSSF, I find it tends to work best for me to shoot the 5 first, then the M, and then plates. Theory is that accuracy trumps speed in the 5, and speed gets more important going into the other two stages…and it gets easier to hit faster as the targets get closer. It doesn’t always work out to shoot in that order tho, if there’s too many already waiting to shoot the 5, I’ll got shoot the M first. And sometimes I might change it up just to mess with my poor old brain! 🙂


  2. Hey I appreciate that. I think I remember that when I got there I was on deck for the plates so I just went with it.

    This leads me to an idea for a new post, tomorrow – look for my strategy of how I shoot each stage.


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