NRA Recruiting Update

As many know, I have been a Life Member of the National Rifle Association for over 20 years. I wholeheartedly support the NRA as an organization, and I wholeheartedly support its role in maintaining our right to keep and bear arms. To me, its effectiveness in support of this right is unquestioned. The sheer volume of the voice of its retractors should be evidence of this.

Since I have been writing this blog, I have been an active recruiter for them, and I have sponsored 11 people as Life Members, many of whom are a lot more famous that I am.

Having said that, I am not going to get into the current state of the NRA, except to say that I am extremely frustrated about the direction of the current leadership.

So effective June 26, 2019, I am suspending my active recruiting for NRA membership.

Should someone really, really want to join, please contact me at FillYerHands [at} gmail dot com, and we will discuss.